You Have Options! Cosmetic Veneers Can Fit Your Lifestyle

A brunette with a beautiful smile has her head thrown back in laughter

At North Queen Dental, we understand that your smile is important to your lifestyle, your career, and your self-esteem. We also know that when you’re unhappy with your appearance, it can affect your daily life. Today there’s no reason to just live with it because you’re worried it’s going to mean an expensive makeover. In fact, we can create dental veneers out of beautiful porcelain – a much more affordable option than using cosmetic crowns to cover your whole tooth. Camouflaging your smile flaws is so much easier than you may think.

Here are some of the imperfections that porcelain veneers can help you disguise…

  • chips or cracks in your tooth enamel (though in some cases a crown may be better for your unique smile concern)
  • conspicuous and unattractive stains that teeth whitening can’t remove
  • slight but noticeable gaps between your teeth that make you feel self-conscious
  • teeth that need re-shaping and re-proportioning
  • slightly crooked teeth when braces are not an option for you.

Are dental veneers different from bonding?

Definitely. Porcelain veneers are…

  • custom-made by lab technicians
  • one solid piece instead of applied in layers – no chipping
  • stronger and longer-lasting – less likely to discolor
  • completely natural-looking – nobody needs to know you've even had a cosmetic dental treatment!

Dental veneers can be applied in as few as two visits to your dentist in Etobicoke – and only require slight etching of your teeth so they bond well.

Veneers may be the perfect cosmetic solution for you and your smile! They can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of – a smile that looks clean, healthy, straight, and even glamorous. If you’ve been waiting to try veneers, don’t wait any longer. Please call today to see if you are a candidate.